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What is so unique about our system of training, the success in fat loss, the durability and toughness, the health restoration and the vitality of our lifestyle? Over 50 years of Civilian and Special Operations Research, Development, Testing, Evaluating- HUMAN SCIENCE, INNOVATION and PRACTICALITY.


OPEN FLOOR | GYM Weights & Cardio

Membership has its privileges! When you are a member of HESS Academy you can use the GYM Weights, Racks, and Cardio options to workout at your own pace, and on your own training or fitness plan. This is now available to you.


PERSONAL TRAINING | The Evolution of One-on-One

By advocating an individualized program for personal enhancement, we adopt a systematic approach in creating a muscle development, or body-change plan, to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Your muscle development, strength, stamina, fat loss, and confidence will all improve substantially once you begin.

In addition to the 1-on-1 Personal Training evolution process, you also receive full access to the 30-Minute Fitness Circuit and Group Classes.

“Having a dedicated partner to motivate and guide is essential, Quick Start your goals”


PUNCH OUT | Team Motivation | High Cardio & Practical Skills

This 30-Minute class is a Coach led practical HIIT. It is high impact, with a calorie burning, fat melting process that leaves you stress free and confident. If you choose your body changing health results through practical fitness, then this is the group training class for you! Unlike air punching aerobic kickboxing; you will be putting the gloves on and working with a partner. GLOVES ARE AVAILABLE.

NO SPARRING just proper Punches, Elbows, Knees, Kicks, Counters & Combinations.

  1. Warm-up
  2. Stretching, Abdominals, and Full Body Conditioning
  3. Bag Work and Partner Drills
  4. Punch Out Combo Finish

UNBEATABLE | HITT Fitness | Active Recovery or Major Effort

Just show up during the daily operating hours (See Schedule) and jump right into heart pumping, fat melting Full Body Fitness ROUNDS. In just 30-Minutes you will torch calories like a professional MMA Ultimate Fighter. This enhanced Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Conditioning Circuit will not only allow stunning results, with a body transformation; but make it possible for members to do it around a busy personal schedule. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED.


  1. Arrive, Clear Your Head, Stretch, Wait 3 Minutes
  2. A Coaching Board Will Lead You, Simply Jump Into ROUND ONE At The Bell
  3. 30-Minutes Later Collect your Belongings And Roll Out The Door

HARDCORE | SQUAD Motivation | Abdominal Focus

Is only a 30-Minute class. It is a thorough warm-up and an essential readiness opener for the follow-on training system. A workout that you can choose to attended as a stand-alone class for simple conditioning.  This opening portion of training can develop some fantastic definition in your abdominal muscles. However, most importantly it will help support your stability, balance, lower back, hips, abdomen and pelvic muscles and further support you when you do lifts such as presses, squats and dead-lifts.

 “The CORE is essential for a healthy, strong body”

CROSS TRAIN | SQUAD Motivation Individual Challenge

This is a 45-Minute Heavy Lift and Dynamic Movement workout. A Navy SEAL Fitness class designed to advance strength, power, stamina, endurance; and to seriously promote streamlined major muscle group development.

This is a modified Cross Training and Fitness program developed by Coach Hess, a former US Navy SEAL. It is part of an integrated system directly from his personal training experiences, the principles and the conditioning philosophy that drives elite Navy Special Operators (SEALs).

BOOTCAMP 2.0 | SQUAD Motivation | BC 2.0

 “A real and true BOOTCAMP experience”

A 45-Minute Navy SEAL Performance Fitness class designed to preserve hard-earned muscles while ensuring most of the weight lost comes from fat stores. The workouts can easily be modified for people of all fitness levels.

This is a part of the integrated training program developed by Coach Hess, a former US Navy SEAL. It comes directly from his personal experiences, the principles and the conditioning philosophy that drives elite Navy Special Operators (SEALs).  

SCHEDULED EVENTS | Rally-Point Challenges | Outdoor Adventures

Race, Chase and Rally at your own pace, enjoy the course as you negotiate the terrain, dominate challenges, overcome rally point evolution’s and make it to the finish line! You will challenge yourself, your partners and your TEAM!

Youth are welcome with parents consent.




If your athlete is highly driven, motivated and determined to increase performance and a winning mindset; we have the program design for those outcomes.



Who has Mr. Hess trained and motivated to enhance individual performance & teamwork culture for the winners circle?

Stanford University | University of Michigan | York College | High School Athletes, Military Officer & Enlisted Candidates

“Welcome To Your Crucible… A Day To Build, A Day To Remember”

HIGHERGROUND | Strong Leaders. Championship Culture.

Developing Team Cohesion through Shared Adversity 

THE SOURCE: A former U.S. Navy SEAL and his experience for Leadership, Team Building and Success

OUR FOCUS: Individual accountability, responsibility, and teamwork that achieves winning results

WHO WE SUPPORT: Universities, High Schools, Organizations, Clubs, Business Leadership & Culture Change

WHAT WE ARE: A Mental Strength, Leadership, and Teamwork Conditioning program

These training programs got me into incredible shape for competitive MMA Fights. One of the biggest struggles an athlete can face is being injured, and the way these workouts were designed ensured that my muscles remained healthy and strong throughout my season.

MMA Fighter
Gareth Hoernel

Brett is a professional in every sense of the word. His knowledge is unmatched and his enthusiasm is addicting. He will train you for any level of fitness challenge you may confront. You can trust that he has your best interest in mind, and you can guarantee he will bring you beyond the limits you thought you had. Without question, training with Brett not only changed my body and increased my performance- he brought out some incredible mental toughness within me. During my time with Brett, I’ve seen him successfully lead elite athletes and the general fitness population. Whether your goal is to compete in a high level athletic competition, run your first 5K, complete an Obstacle Race, or simply improve your nutrition and health- Brett’s programs will get you there!

Pushed Beyond Limits
Mike B.

After searching for a trainer or group leader to help me improve my fitness and health, I found Brett. I am a runner but didn’t really work out more than that. Brett challenged me each week, helping me gain a new fitness level, encouraged me to push through and showed me I could hold my own alongside the others in my group (most were military fit-level). I am happy to say I have been following his guidance for almost 3 years now and am a 7-time Spartan Race finisher (Trifecta in 2015!!). The way he was able to break down different ways to exercise, and fit my lifestyle made me feel as if I accomplished something each week, and could see a change over time. My daughter joined alongside me in the workout sessions, and I saw her confidence grow, along with her health and fitness lifestyle.

New Challenges Every Day!
Maria Q.


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