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SICARii Fitness Training is the culmination of relentless fortitude, earned and forged, within our training system. It is a new level, a new journey to the summit. We use modern day warrior principles and an ancient battle philosophy that survives to this age. The SICARii flows out of our Bootcamp 2.0 and Punch Out fitness training. It is rigorous and demanding, but everyone can achieve the MISSION goals. Not only will you be prepared for any obstacles on the field, but in your daily life. We train for the terrain, but integrate basic combative skills along the way. Are You Mission Ready?

Fitness, personal development and confidence. The SICARii is a rigorous based training adventure. The process involves practical skills; an intense physical regime that will prepare you for life and challenge. If you want a durable mind and body, this is the tribe for you. Yes, it’s tough. And if those words scare you, it may not be for you yet. Your first step is the Bootcamp 2.0 and Punch Out classes, the path and gateway to the SICARii.

However, if the same words excite and challenge you- the next step is joining the warrior class.


• You will be ready for every day challenges
• You will be ready to test yourself against rugged environments
• You will gain practical combative defense skills
• You will increase confidence, fortitude and mental toughness
• You will be among warriors


The ancient SICARii played a significant role in battling the Legions of Rome garrisoned in Jerusalem. This small squaderon of warriors, while living and working daily under harsh conditions, quietly trained themselves in the arts of subtle combat in order to survive to resist and to overcome the might of Rome. They waged war throughout the hills, the valleys and the cities. They were skilled warriors who understood how to manage the rigors of an austere environment.


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