Monster Mash SEALShape training in Spring Grove

Congratulations TEAM Shane Hamby on your victory!

On a crisp November 5th morning, among the lemon yellow, and the cherry red leaves and rolling hills of the Great State of North Carolina. Shane ran his race for Frogmen (Navy SEALs). Shane’s half-marathon journey took 2 hrs. 11 minutes to hit the finish line. Shane, and many like him who physically or financially support our country’s warriors, may never know just how profound, lasting, and far their personal contribution of time, motivation and caring will extend. Their efforts produce a ripple effect in countless lives. Through heartfelt acts of kindness, people like Shane make it possible to provide the resources and offer the assistance that our nation’s military families deserve. Shane and his team of donors together raised $1,775 dollars.

HOOYAH-Shane!  HOOYAH-Donors!


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